We believe the best of who we can be lies in the best of who we were.

Our Mission is to help veterans, schools and children by combining ground-breaking technology with some of the greatest stories in the world.

Many renowned veterans, VIP’s and families of the fallen backed us when they heard it. We hope you will too, as it’s all about these innovations, built in New Zealand but released for the world, in this order:

Stories Told In A Special Way

A stream of incredibly powerful stories you can find in our charitable YouTube channel, where fallen veterans speak again through the voices of their families and friends. Every net cent they raise will go to veterans and health care workers in your country, via donations to the charities listed in our FAQ’s.

Guiding System

A system to guide anyone to any veteran’s grave, so families can tell their stories where they mean the most. Created and donated by our social enterprise partners, every net cent it raises will go to veteran charities in the subscribers home countries. Further detail can be found in the Innovations Section and in our first FAQ.

Education Program

An Education Program to fundraise for schools and to teach our children about courage, resilience and unity, with two pilots already held in New Zealand.